3 weeks ago
I do not believe in luck I believe in work and effort‼️ A hundred times they told me you will not succeed, and now they want to be a part of my life‼ They said you are not capable, it is impossible, and I proved the opposite‼️ Yes, it does not matter proving them... It is important that it is possible‼️ It is important that you shouldn’t listen unhappy and dissatisfied people when they tell you ,,you can’t”. Let go of those old, backward, conservative and negative thoughts‼️ If you do what you love, if you enjoy it and if you do it with your heart there is nothing else, you will succed‼️ It is not a question of when or will you succeed its a question of whether you really want it ❓ Don't be a crumb show your teeth to whoever you need and don't let people trample you don't let them rule you because you are your own leader‼ ️ You don't live life for others you live for yourself, leave them a place behind your big lats let the dust gather ... Because for a good horse the dust rises, while they talk you drink cocktails in Bali Tag me in your photos or stories so that I can give you some support❤️ in comments If you are interested in gym or home booty program DM or Email @gymshark